Clarins Multi-Active

Women nowadays are living up their best lives: kicking butts, breaking glass ceilings, and running the world. But while we do all of that, we are inducing stress while sacrificing sleep – two of which are the major contributors to our primary beauty concerns. This hectic lifestyle we modern women have subscribed to might not be physically felt but our skin? Well, our skin don’t lie.

So, in order to continue empowering women, Clarins did a research and came back with the 5th generation Multi-Active skin care duo: Clarins Jour and Clarins Nuit – a new and improved skincare solution inspired by the Cell Targeting System, using the powerful Teasel plant extract for its high antioxidant levels to energize and revive the skin’s cells. It’s every woman’s chance of maintaining radiant, youthful skin despite their busy lifestyles.

Daytime vs. nighttime stressors: are they really different? Yup! And according to Clarins, there are different ways to counter them too. With the Clarins Jour daytime skincare, Clarins Laboratories picked the myrothamnus extract – a hardy plant capable of surviving the driest of deserts and can absorb the harmful effects of daily stress. Nighttime on the other hand, Clarins Laboratories chose to use ginger lily as a primary ingredient for its proven effect in compensating for late nights and interrupted melanin production. With these two skincare duo in your beauty arsenal, fine lines and wrinkles? Sashay away as RuPaul would say.

Now, go be beautiful and keep slayin’ your work, girl!