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To all the yoga and fitness enthusiasts out there, here are a few yoga poses and work out routine you can try at home! With SuperdrySports Men & Women collection, you can get maximum comfort when you’re working out and look stylish doing it!

In the video above, yoga instructor/fitness model Ninie Ahmad will show two yoga poses that will strengthen and tone up your upper body and core and the poses will keep you energise throughout the whole day.

The first pose is called Navasana (Boat Pose). This pose will strengthen the core muscle and tone the abdominal muscles while strengthening the low back. It also stimulates the abdominal organs, including the kidneys and intestines, which improves digestion.

Steps for Naukasana (Boat Pose)

1) Lie flat on your back on the yoga mat with your arms by your side.
2) Relax in this position for some time and keep breathing normally.
3) Now inhale slowly and lift your both legs.
4) Keep legs straight and should not be bent.
5) Raise your upper body to touch your legs with both hands.
6) Try to maintain the angle of 45 degrees.
7) Hold your breath and the posture for 10-15 seconds.

The second pose is the Chaturanga. The Chaturanga will strengthen and tone up the whole upper body especially the shoulders and upper arms.

Steps for Chaturanga

1)Begin in Plank Pose. Keep your elbows directly over your wrists and keep you back flat.

2) Lift through your chest, keeping your shoulders in line with your elbows. Try not to let your chest drop towards the floor.


Up next we have fitness influencer, Daniel Fong who will show a workout routine which consists of 3 exercises. This routine will help with fat burning and body conditioning.

1) Start with 5 rep of burpees

2)Now, do 10 reps of push up

3)Lastly, 15 reps of squats

Try finishing  it all in one minute to really push your limits! Good luck 😉

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