And just when you thought Gucci couldn’t get any better, they’ve introduced their new social media campaign – a whole series of memes. yes, you read correctly, the Italian brand has collaborated with a series go artists, illustrators, photographers and most importantly meme accounts on Instagram to create a series of witty and relatable memes for their #TFWGucci series.

Officially described as a “collaborative art project in the digital space” as a campaign for their new Le Marché des Merveilles watch collection, the campaign features famous meme creators such as @beigecardigan, @gothshakira, @williamcult, among others. So think classic paintings matched with sassy one-liners and artists who have created some unique works paired with a line of text that we can all relate to. It really is That Feeling When

So it’s not that we weren’t already well and truly in love with Alessandro Michele‘s Gucci but this just cements his position in our hearts.

See the full collection here. But see some of our favourite ones below.