Model-slash-dancer-slash-actress Gabbriette Bechtel’s hair—more specifically, her just-so bang and lob situation—initially got us interested in finding out just what was up with her beauty routine.

Then it was her laissez-faire approach to life and beauty (yeah, sometimes we are all about ten-step skincare regimens and sometimes we’re just…not), so much so that we were, like, 90 percent sure she was Parisian (what with the bangs and black turtlenecks and general cool-girlness). So ahead of New York Fashion Week we played a fun little game of beauty rapid fire (kind of) with the model. We may not have absorbed any of that chillness, nor the ability to air-dry our hair like *that*, but we did learn about her go-to pimple cream, the detox tea she drinks to combat illness, and the skincare advice she’d give to her younger self.



What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

“I wake up, drink a glass of water with lemon (important!), then wash my face with Earth Science Clarifying Facial Cleanser. I wear Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Cream daily, and if I’m going outside I always wear Kate Somerville’s Daily Deflector sunscreen as well (also important!).”

And what about makeup?

“I’ll normally just cover up imperfections I have (if I feel like it) with a little Milk Makeup Concealer, and also use their cream blush on my cheeks, and then brush my eyebrows through with some clear gel. At night I wash my face again and apply Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil and sometimes mix that with Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C oil. If I have any incoming pimples I’ll pop some Kate Somerville EradiKate on it to zap the little sucker.”



Okay, so how do you style those bangs?

“I let them air-dry and that’s all.”

Any skincare disasters?

“Nothing too crazy yet… I’ve had some face masks destroy my skin, but I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

How do you stay sane in an insanely busy industry?

“I try to run every morning for a little until I don’t want to anymore. I recently started yoga and I really enjoy it. I’ll do a face mask once a week normally—I use the First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask, it’s so tingly, I love it.”



You can bring one thing to a desert island. Go.


Favorite feature?

“My lips.”

If you’re feeling sick, what do whip up?

“I love drinking water mixed with lemon, cinnamon, apple vinegar, and a little natural sweetener. It used to be gross to me, but I loooove it now. It helps detox.”

Finally, what beauty advice would you give your younger self?

“Don’t pick at your skin, and wear sunscreen!”