Now that the days are getting longer and the nights are getting warmer, we tend to find ourselves drawn to the outdoors, especially during meal times. There’s just something so special about a BBQ or an intimate dinner party on the porch when it’s warm outside.

That being said, an empty or just plain unattractive outdoor area can really put a dampener on the party atmosphere.  Sure, food is critical, but when you’re cramped in a dark corner with danky furniture and dull décor, the whole vibe doesn’t have the chance to be ahhhmazing.

Here are some of our top ideas to help spruce up your outdoor area so you can spend more time enjoying these gorgeous spring nights.   


Firstly, pick a colour scheme!  Choose colours depending on how you want to feel in that area.  Try bold, vibrant colours for an energetic atmosphere, coastal blues for a beachy vibe or navy blue and gold for a Moroccan feel.


The latest trends in outdoor styling are all about bringing the indoors, out!  That means curtains no longer need to be confined to the inside of your windows.  Hanging curtains around your porch helps to create a beautiful, intimate and unique setting.


I also adore lanterns and fairy string lights which add a ‘magical’ feel to your outdoor area that you just can’t get any other way.  They have the power to make even the simplest of gatherings feel like a celebration.


This one is a bit more of a splurge and may require a trip to the hardware store but it’s definitely worth it if you can do it!  If you have the space, a firepit can make your regular wine and cheese night feel like a bonfire on the beach.  It’s bound to be a hit with all of your guests.


Using earthy elements in your outdoor area like dark wood, natural colours and greenery can help create a really peaceful atmosphere.  I personally love the look of these cosy, white cushions on top of the low-rise mahogany chairs.  So modern and so unique.


When decorating outdoors, remember to keep it cosy.  Cushions and throws shouldn’t be reserved for the lounge room.  Aside from the comfort-factor, these items can really enhance the overall look of an area.

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