Chrissy Teigen Says Asian Models Need More Representation in Fashion

A recent Vogue editorial may have inspired Chrissy Teigen to speak out about Asian underrepresentation in the industry. For those not acquainted with the controversy, Vogue turned Karlie Kloss into a geisha in an issue that was supposed to be about “diversity.”

The outspoken Chrissy Teigen – who is Thai, German and Norwegian – spoke to E! News where she expressed her dismay:

“I want it to be a normal thing to be able to see Asian models, and I think Asian models are really underrepresented in the industry, especially on the runways or in magazines.”
The problem isn’t limited to modeling. “I think it’s really important to start embracing people…seeing them in roles that are not necessarily ‘That Asian Girl’ or ‘That Asian Boy’…in movies, you’re like, ‘Oh, this Asian girl is dating this white guy’ – I want that to be normal.”

Her sentiments about the matter are a welcome change to the blasé attitude expressed by Vogue. Hers is a needed voice in an industry that seems to struggle with ”whitewashing.”