Cutest Collectibles – My Mini MixieQ’s

Introducing the new My Mini MixieQ’s , a brand new collectible toy brand from the world largest toymaker,Mattel! This cute collectibles have just launched exclusively in Southeast Asia less than a month ago in December 2016.
It’s First debut early this year in New York Toy Fair, the brand has gained massive interest among kids, parents and collectors around the world. The brand will be the latest addition to Mattel’s GIRLS portfolio aiming to drive growth of the category business in 2017 onwards.

Ranked as one of the Top 5 Hottest Collectible Toy Worldwide in 2016, My Mini MixieQ’s is a line of tiny collectible figurines featuring a wide variety of unique characters, ranging from Rainbow Unicorn to Green Dragon, and themed by their different personalities.


These new mini collectibles only needs an ity bity playing space and very friendly for travelling so kids,adults can play at all times possible! They come in with variety of sets complete with changeable clothes,pets and home.Each of the characters offer “pop and swap” interchangeability that allows little girls and collectors to mix and match their hairs and outfits.These smaller-than thumb dolls also offers more than 45 characters with homes and rooms (they also have cafes,beauty salon etc) with stack-able function so it is possible to create a tiny little world of their own.


If you are interested,go check out this website to see more of this cute and fun collectibles! –