SEPHORA’s Spring Preview Event Jan 2017.


It’s finally the Spring preview day from Sephora! It was rather an unexpected bizarre event held in the Wei-Ling contemporary in The Garden malls. Once getting in, the attendants from Sephora welcomed everyone who got invited and there it is! All sorts of brands you could see from Sephora was on set one by one, that looks somehow more like an art exhibitions instead of event. As I walk down the aisle of beauty heaven, I got drawn away from all the products being displayed and friendly representatives of each brand would introduce their newest products that include the launching date, ingredients and formulas of the products. Centre-d booths included GHD hair products and stylists being there if you’ve decided to get a quick change for your hair.



What got me fascinated most was Skininc’s Pure Recovery Dew, with the newest formula by pumping a drop of solid white light-weight gel and slowly transform to Japanese Onsen water, slowly absorbing to the skin and became smooth as ever! Besides, having such humid weather in Malaysia, we would definitely need a reliable sunscreen to protect our face. Supergoop from the US, is landing soon to Sephora Malaysia, trying out one of their newest product that has the newest formula sunscreen in mousse to give a softer and smoother texture on the skin was amazingly suprising! Last but not least, rubber masks by Dr.Jart+ from Korea have the weirdest formula out of all the products, weird but extremely extraordinary! It has the most interesting colors and packaging, which would attract everyone to try out. Remember to put that onto the to-buy-list ladies! I’m sure you will never regret it. Not forgetting to mention there’s coming up new cosmetic brands you would like to find out more would be landing in Sephora at mid of Feb 2017: Blithe (a skin care brand) from Korea, Caolion, one of the first brands in Korea to formulate natural beauty products free of synthetic dyes and fragrances, Kocostar, a brand significantly focusing just home spa treatment ingredients which saves you time going out to a salon. Last but not least, we have Botanist, an organic hair care brand from Japan that has heavenly smell that comes along with hair oil.