How did the highest paid model in the world got famous? featuring Kate Moss.

She’s arguably the world’s most famous supermodel but never-before-seen photographs have emerged of Kate Moss back when she was, well, just plain old Kate.

The then-carefree 14-year-old is seen playfully dancing around in a black vest top and high-waisted jeans for photographer Owen Scarbiena. The iconic runway star throws her arms in the air and whips her long brunette hair around to help create the perfect shot.

The landmark images were taken of the ‘innocent’ youngster in the summer of 1988 on the tennis courts of London’s Battersea Park – two years before she landed her first magazine cover for The Face.

While Scarbiena said he had ‘no clue’ of how famous Kate would become, he could see she was a ‘natural’ who suited his ‘very minimal’ photography style.

He told The Daily Telegraph: ‘Some girls come with a ready-made photo pose and you have to work through that. But I just said to Kate, “Pretend you’re bored waiting at the bus stop,” and she got it.’

The result, displayed in both black-and-white and colour, show the fresh-faced youngster looking nonchalantly into the camera lens while her brunette hair is left natural and windswept.

Other early shots show Croydon-born Kate braless in a men’s large white shirt and a pair of tiny navy shorts. She poses in a variety of ways, crossing her arms, flashing a toothy grin and kneeling down.

Film strips, displaying the full shoot, show Kate’s versatility as a model as she manages to pull off innocent, seductive and playful poses in a manner of seconds