Editorial Chic Gifts Pick: Sephora Holiday Collection ’16


Ready-to-give Kits & Gifts At the foot of the tree, Santa Comics has left everything our skin could dream of…

And here’s what she has slipped into the stockings of all those who have been really good this year: a lip gloss magic wand, kiss me balms, a shimmer spray, a bauble to hang on your tree or in your bathroom, a lucky bag, body powder as sparkling as a department store window, kits that are cleverer than ever and a host of nail polishes in happy shades! And while you’re waiting to discover your presents on Christmas Day, bide your time by opening the (generously filled) windows in your Advent calendar each day…


Accessories that are the main event! Dear Santa Claus, I have been especially good this year and I think that I deserve to be rewarded… Please be kind enough to slip into my stocking the little gems that Sephora is so good at coming up with every year! On my (non-exhaustive) wishlist? A beautiful hand warmer to prevent frozen fingers, makeup bags of all sizes, brush sets to do my makeup like a pro, accessories so that I can create a festive hairstyle, a pocket atomizer, a nail file and a manicure kit, a beautifully dense brush and even a kit with well-chosen skincare masks to survive those evenings that mark the festive season. .

4-in-1 nail tool

First file and shape the nail, then smooth its surface, buff it and finally make it shine. And you don’t even need to have lots of accessories: this comprehensive nail tool does all the work!

The All-In One Sponge Kit – Set of 2 foundation sponges

Taken from backstage makeup artists’ tips, these sponges deliver an equally natural and professional result. One allows you to work on the most difficult-to-reach areas (precision sponge), while the other creates perfectly defined contrasts (sculpting sponge). Their very festive rosy shade makes a chic touch.

The sensational mini brush set

A set of four mini brushes designed for effortlessly creating face, eye and lip makeup looks. Its tutorials will let you into all of the secrets! It doesn’t get any better than this.

Kiss Me Balm

Snatch a kiss! Or even two as Sephora has given us a fabulous gift for the festive season and brought out its beautiful lip balm in two exclusive new shades. Two deliciously fresh new colors christened Coquette and Charming. Colorful lips and a kissable mouth at a stroke!

The Mini Kisses

1, 2…3 and we’re off for an extraordinary Christmas! A gourmand kit of three mini Kiss Me Balms to embrace for beautifully colored and delicately scented lips. The extra bonus? An exclusive shade for an even more delicious feel.

Advent Calendar

A gift a day! The great thing is that this advent calender contains 24 of them, each one cooler than the last. Makeup, skincare, accessories: we’d rather not give everything away, but you should know that there are little shower creams, nail polishes, a blush, nail polish remover wipes and lots of other great surprises in store! Advent Calendar The extraordinary powder – Shimmery body powder in a puff Inside this beautiful set, discover an extraordinary, elegant and refined puff that will generously adorn you in silvery shimmer to enhance your look to perfection. Dare to wear this beautiful shimmer on your body, hair and décolleté.

6 shade tinted lip gloss wand

With a quick wave of the magic wand, I color my lips a fabulously fresh and incredibly glossy shade. Take this ultra-practical and travel-friendly wand with six shades of lip gloss with you wherever you go to change color to match your mood. The height of chic? Its extremely practical mini applicator.


Palettes galore! Between one that offers gradations on a single tone, another that brings together no fewer than 130 shades, and yet another that layers 16 colors: palettes combine everything that our face, eyes, lips and brows are going to want to wear this season! And because Sephora always has a knack for finding that little added extra that we won’t be able to resist, some of these ingenious palettes even feature extremely clear and practical tutorials. Iridescent, matte, boosted with punchy shades, or infused with golden, light or dark pigments: eyeshadows are at the party and once again are putting on a show at this really festive time of year…

The Surprising

Not one, but four! This is the number of palettes found in this generous set: Two palettes with four eyeshadows, a palette with four blushes and a contouring palette. Four palettes in an ingenious travel format, boasting a beauty tutorial and a mirror, to carry wherever you like!

The Enchanting

Two highlighters, two brow powders, six eyeshadows, a blush + a beauty tutorial: this extremely comprehensive palette offers all the essentials to make up face, eyes and even brows!

The Delicate

The secret to a magnetic gaze? Perfectly applied eyeshadows in carefully considered shades. Perfect timing, as here’s a palette with nine eyeshadows (along with a beauty tutorial) to blend together to create looks all year round.


Bathing is golden… … With a bumper crop of beautiful products, chosen and created by Made In Sephora! This year, the festive season is dreaming in gold and pink, with sparkling limited-edition packs in shimmering shades. The guiding theme is the inimitable “cotton flower” scent, the perfect blend of almond blossom, flax, honey and white musk notes…  a whole selection of wonderfully chosen products, including body cream, bubble bath & shower gel, hand wash, bath infusions, moisturising foam, fizzing bath balls, scented soaps, and more.

The Great Bath Infusion – 12 scented bath infusions

Here’s the new ritual created by Sephora: let these scented sticks infuse in your bathwater (cotton flower, lagoon and green tea scents to choose from) for a moment of pure relaxation guaranteed. A fabulous idea.

Moisturising hand cream
Because the skin on the hands needs to be carefully protected in winter, here’s the perfect bodyguard: this
moisturizing, non-greasy product nestled in a limited-edition design. Its light and delicate cotton flower fragrance is a must.

The Amazing Foam Moisturizing body mousse
For all those who can’t stand milk, Sephora has had the great idea of creating a moisturizing product with a foam texture, nestled in a beautiful golden pack. The end result? Soft skin, yes. But also the ultimate sensory experience!

Scented bar soap
When skin meets a soap with a mild cotton flower fragrance, it is charmed by the gentle lather and its chic, colorful packaging…

Mini pouch 
What’s inside this beautiful reusable pocket-size pouch designed for the festive season? Something to make your bath a moment of pure pleasure… A mini ultra-mild shower cream, a body puff to create a lather, and a mini silkysmooth moisturizing body lotion: we can’t wait to jump in the shower!

Bubble bath and shower gel
This bottle – customized for the festive season – contains a sparkling formula deliciously scented with cotton
flower notes. Bubble bath or everyday shower gel? The choice is yours…

Cotton Flower Hand wash
Because the skin on the hands needs to be carefully protected in winter, here’s the perfect bodyguard: this
moisturizing, non-greasy product nestled in a limited-edition design. Its light and delicate cotton flower fragrance is a must.

You’re welcome! Here at Curated we always got you covered! Have a sparkling christmas!