Cartier’s Iconic Love Bracelet Got a Brand New Makeover

Remember when everyone was obsessed with Cartier’s Love bracelet—the must-have piece of jewelry that dominated all arm-party stacks for years?

The one that symbolized TRUE EVERLASTING LOVE, because it required your significant other to permanently secure it in place with a screwdriver? (Its creator Aldo Cipullo called it “modern love handcuffs” for a reason.)

Oh wait, people are still obsessed. And now, we’re anticipating that obsession to double or even triple, because the luxury jewelry brand has released the newest version of the Love bracelet. In the next phase of the design’s evolution (one that dates back to 1969, we might add) arrives a derivative that shares all the same design elements we know and love, like the oval (to hug the wrist) and the screws, but this one boasts a skinnier, more delicate band, complete with a self-fastening closure to encourage self-love and independence.

The new collection won’t officially launch until February 2017 (though they’re currently available for pre-launch at two store locations in the U.S.: Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion and the Beverly Hills boutique), but in the meantime, scroll through to take a look at the new Love bracelets and rings—because it’s never too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, right?