Oishi X Curated presents Wild Gurl, Healthy Soul

Green tea goodness is super refreshing for many reasons and benefits! It’s a healthy habit to pick up. The best is hands down Oishi’s green tea. You won’t be limited to one flavour, mix it up with any of their delicious flavours to quench your thrist or just a good dose of wellness, Genmai, Lychee, Lemon flavored black tea, Honey Lemon and of course the original green tea, back to basic! Our social influencers share their personal favourite Oishi Green Tea flavour in our last Curated issue N.4. Check out our cutest photoshoot ever!

Meet the beauties:


Ester Zhen

Oishi’s guilty pleasure ;

Original green tea

unnamed-2Bella Kuan

Oishi’s guilty pleasure:

Genmai flavour

Jeji Pong

Oishi’s guilty pleasure:

Lychee flavour


Fiona Yeo

Oishi’s guilty pleasure:

Honey Lemon flavourunnamed-3

Natasha Elyzza

Oishi’s guilty pleasure:

Lemon flavored black tea

Exclusive behind the scenes video on our photoshoot for Curated issue #004 cover! We had hella fun goffying around with these babes!

Get to know a little about these Oishi girls sharing fun facts of themselves and their dreams! Up close and personal in this interview with cuties Natasha Elyzza, Jeii Pong and Fiona Yeos.

Part 2 interview includes these two lovely ladies, Esther Zhen and Bella Kuan. Get to know them and why they love Oishi as much as we do!

Read more in our Curated issue N.4, on the photoshoot and get to know the ladies more.