The Secret To Karlie Kloss’s Figure? A Good Night’s Sleep…

We can get on board with this…

When faced with an early morning workout or the prospect of an extra 45 minutes in bed, we’d choose the latter every time – and according to Karlie Kloss’s personal trainer, that’s just fine.

Anna Kaiser, who has also worked with the likes of Shakira and Sarah Jessica Parker, has told The Cut that getting enough shut eye could possibly be more beneficial than squeezing in a 6am spinning class. Her advice? ‘Sleep more.’


‘I don’t think anyone understands how important it is [to get enough sleep]. If you have a choice where you’ve been only sleeping five or six hours and can sleep an extra hour or work out, sleep an extra hour,’ she says. ‘You’re running your body down, which will affect your energy and hold onto excess water and weight. It will make you hungrier.’

‘Five to six hours for a week really prohibits your cognitive and hormones functions. You really need seven to eight hours,’ she explains. ‘Working out harder or better or eating less isn’t the answer. It’s about getting enough sleep.’

Anna’s advice is certainly music to our sleep-deprived ears – and if it’s good enough for Karlie, we’re certainly on board…

In between her full-time job as one of the world’s most in-demand models, running Karlie’s Kookies and studying coding, Karlie somehow also finds times to exercise. Talk about wonder woman. And her fitness regime is no half-hearted affair.


‘Even if I’m not an Olympian in Rio right now, I treat myself as an athlete in my daily life,’ Kloss told The Sunday Times Style.

No wonder she has an incredible ballerina-esque physique and is the face of Stella McCartney’s Adidas range. So what does she do to keep in shape? Unfortunately there are no quick fixes here, just serious amounts of dedication. In fact, Karlie admitted she spends between five and seven hours a week hitting the gym.

‘I challenge myself, try new things in my strength training and cardio. I try to be the best I can, whether it’s my fitness routine or how I think about food and nutrition. I want to feel strong. That’s when I feel best,’ Karlie said of her regime.


‘I always say the hardest part is putting your gym clothes on. But no matter how long and exhausting your travel or your work was, if you can get yourself there and give it whatever you’ve got, it will be worth it. You will feel better afterwards,’ she added.

We’re glad to hear we’re not the only ones who struggle to find the motivation to get off that sofa.

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