Paula Knorr’s Feminist Take on Body Con

On her London Fashion Week debut, we talk to Paula Knorr, the German designer whose clothes exude sexiness – but aim to empower. For her SS’17 collection, Knorr presented a further exploration into her silhouette defining looks – this time, draped in satin, leather and lamé.

On women…

my work is an exploration of womanhood. I interviewed lots of inspiring females and took elements from the conversations as my starting point for the designs.

Paula Knorr SS'17 by Nico Stinghe

Why she is bringing ‘sexy’ back…

I find it interesting to explore new concepts of sexuality from a woman’s perspective. For a long time “sexy clothes” weren’t considered high fashion. I’d like my designs to reveal a new, personal and realistic idea of sexiness.

Paula Knorr SS'17 by Nico Stinghe

The body is the focus…

My main intention is to put the woman in the foreground, as opposed to the clothing. It’s all about her body, her movements, her personal beauty. To support and illustrate female identity is definitely the core of my brand.


Paula Knorr SS'17 by Nico Stinghe

How she works…

The interaction and balance between the body and the garments is the focus of my designs. Details, like prints, come second. That’s why I never start by sketching my ideas. I have to drape, and preferably create them directly on a real body to explore how they interact.


Paula Knorr SS'17 by Nico Stinghe

On showing at London Fashion Week

NEWGEN (sponsorship programme for new talent, previous recipients include Alexander McQueen, J.W. Anderson and Christopher Kane) is an amazing opportunity. It brings back a lot of support that young designers lose when they graduate from university but desperately need. It also means you are instantly taken more seriously by press and buyers.


Paula Knorr SS'17 by Nico Stinghe