MAC Cosmetics’s Newest Collection Is a Pigmented-Lipstick-Lover’s Fantasy

If you’ve caught us daydreaming, we might have been wondering what it would be like to see life through another person’s eyes. These days, we’re fantasizing about viewing the world through the lenses of a tetrachromat — and MAC’s newest collection gets us one step closer.

Tetrachromats are individuals who possesses the ability to see up to 100 million colors that the average human being can’t. This is due to the fact that instead of having three kinds of cone cells (the photoreceptors in the eye), tetrachromats have four. We’ve always turned to MAC when we’re shopping for a diverse range of color needs, so it makes sense that the brand tapped author and tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg for its revolutionary new launch.

Liptensity, a high-pigment lipstick line, consists of 24 innovative hues. Many of the tints (like Galaxy Grey, a smoky lilac) are scarcely seen on shelves, setting this range apart from other lipstick offerings, including MAC’s classic range. From blackened-navy “Blue Beat” to creamy coral “Medium Rare,” every shade glides on with ease, leaving behind vibrant color with a demi-matte finish. If you’re a packaging junkie, you’ll recognize that the products look highly similar to MAC’s blockbuster Tendertalk launch but with one eye-catching difference: the cap and tube flawlessly match the bullet inside.

Read on to see every hue in the assortment, then shop the Liptensity collection when it launches Sept. 21.

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