Gigi Hadid Has a Secret Style Icon, and She’s Probably Yours Too

Gigi Hadid is not someone who copies trends. Instead, she makes a look all her own. She works sporty slides with feminine lingerie and ties a cardigan around her neck in a move that’s so 1950s, while effortlessly channeling the ’90s with the rest of her look. Her brilliant outfits conjure images of one very iconic (albeit fictional) style icon: Carrie Bradshaw.

Just like the Sex and the City star, Gigi keeps a few sexy pieces in rotation — from a plaid crop top to thigh-highs — and updates them in quirky ways. Read on to see all the times Ms. Hadid and Ms. Bradshaw had the same idea when it came to fashion. If we didn’t know any better, we’d say these two masterminds are the ultimate style twins.

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