This ASOS Dinosaur Tail Has Everyone Stumped

If you are a Facebook-using ASOS shopper, chances are you’ve come across the online retailer’s targeted ads. Those socks you forgot you needed, that wear-it-once party dress you’ve been eyeing, that splurge item you’re on the fence about, which are all sitting in your cart, often pop up on your screen—and sometimes these ads even come across as thoughtful reminders. But ASOS’s latest targeted ad needs some explaining.

Early last month, ASOS shoppers began sharing the same image on social media: a model wearing a shiny black dinosaur tail with a handful of captions like “Too good to miss. Things we made with you in mind,” “Thank us later. We saw this and thought of you,” and “You’ve missed us… You left without saying goodbye. These items are waiting for you….” This left customers with all kinds of questions.


The tail even made one user second guess her own knowledge of fashion trends.