On Trend: Space Buns Are Coming Back

There’s nothing we love more than a ’90s revival, whether it be style, beauty or hair, because why wouldn’t we want to look like Gwen Steffani No Doubt. Well, there’s one ‘do that’s been cropping back up on the scene quite a lot lately and we are basically obsessed.


Space buns, mini mouse buns – whatever you want to call them they are SO cute and pretty easy to do, plus they can take a normal outfit and low key beauty look and catapult it into an awsome one.

Don’t have time to perfect your feline flick? Style out some space buns, of course. We’ve recently seen them on the likes of Hailey Baldwin, Khloe Kardashian and Cara D, who stepped out in the style a few days ago whilst promoting her new film, Suicide Squad.

If you can’t braid your hair yourself, because lets face it who really can, and you don’t have the time to head to a braid bar, these are the alternative that we suggest giving a go. If you don’t fancy wearing all your hair up you can ‘hun’ it by taking the top section, like Ariana and leaving the back down.

To perfect your buns, part your hair down the centre and take one side of your hair brushing it upwards into a tight, high pigtail. You want to keep them pulled tight and have them sit right on the top of your head near the parting. If you want to channel more ’90s vibes, pull sections out around the front like Khloe, it will make the look seem a bit more lived in aka shabby chic.

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arianaOnce you’ve secured your high pigtail start to twist your hair around into a bun shape. Secure with a clear elastic and some pins. Make sure you finish off with lashings of hairspray so your buns last the night. If you fancy going bigger, take some mini bun donuts and wrap your hair around them. Tease out little wisps of hair for a softer finish.